Fall/Winter 17 “SENSUOUS ILLUSION” take you into designer’s closet.

Depth is designed to fully express the wearer’s style, HOUSE OF V in a classic profile, textured fabrics and practical details as a basis for design, adding architectural and geometric elements, creating unique style of modern women.

Start with simple concepts for the creation, in each quarter on a single product only provides most essentials daily supplement item, creating ever-changing shape.

On the quality and the pursuit of the ultimate taste, designer in Hong Kong, Japan, Italy purchased fabric process of meticulous. House Of V also insisted that cooperation with the Hong Kong professional pattern maker to continue high fashion production.

Fall/ Winter 17 inspired by Dutch artist “M.C. Escher”, his art with clear black and white contrast and accurate characterizations of the line, also set interpretation of complex deformation structures of the fantasy.

HOUSE OF V reflect the contrast in this season’s fabric and colors, strong wool coat with soft comfortable cashmere jacket, natural silk and thick Japanese rayon dress, given the rigid harmonic sense.

Simple and bright colors to express the contemporary women’s fashion sense, in addition to black and white base color, plus the intellectual character dark green and blue, holiday must have dark red, and the unique designer geometric prints.