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Often we have more than needed, we believe that fashion is representing women’s self-confidence, not too much, be just perfect! thus created each quarter belongs to the modern woman’s daily supplement, details on the pursuit of clothing, fabric quality, be worth to wearing a hundred times.

Coming Autumn, we picked the modern colors and textured fabric,

adding architectural and geometric elements, creating a unique style for you.

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@ Sunny day

Ready to go out for Brunch on the weekend




On lazy weekends, Sleep until eyes open naturally without alarm.

Ready to go out for brunch with friends on weekends.

Thinking what to wear standing in front of closet for a while, picked up this black dress.

Brunch with friends on lazy weekend morning, we don’t feel like dress-up.

But who are WE?

We always want to look nice no natter when, what we wear.

Try this dress,

It will make you comfortable with simple cutting,


And also looks special with its unique printed pattern.

It never make you look boring although you are wear just simple black dress.



Printed Black High Low Dress





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