Spring Summer 2019 brings an exciting new chapter to House of V. Newly appointed creative director, Cynthia Mak, has joined the team to inject fresh spirit into the brand.

The collection was developed through a winding journey. Arising from House of V’s love for architecture design, the collection takes inspiration from the Foundation Louis Vuitton which was designed by Frank Gehry, a creator of dreams. Studying the lines and shapes of the building led the brand to French artist, Sonia Delaunay. Her work is full of strong colors and geometric shapes which is reflected on the House of V’s jacquard, knitwear, and patchwork designs.



In continuation of the brand’s passion for handcrafted details, a colorful handmade braided rope was introduced to the collection, which is influenced by Delaunay’s Endless Rhythm art piece. To create a strong statement on simple shaped clothing such as dresses, coats, and pants, House of V looked to the extensive varieties of rope knottings. This inspired them to explore the old fisherman style. The use of fisherman nets, details, and accessories puts the final touches on the collection. The process of exploring different contrasting elements has created a dynamic collection which still captures the simple and modern beauty of the House of V spirit.