Spring/Summer 2016 Flawlessly Flawed

The season embraces flaws to create imperfect but original designs. Our collections story presents the idea of defects or flaws created purposefully to enhance authenticity.

Throughout the collection, stripe prints are left proportionally curved and some stitching details are left unfinished, celebrating the beauty in the handcrafted process and leading our eyes to examine its estranged sophistication. These random and disheveled designs offer playful escape, bringing an intriguing, alternative, yet contemporary twist to the everyday items.

With the focus on form and how the customer feel about our clothing, our fabric usage is highly synchronized with this objective. Varying from double knit jersey and medium weight denim, to low-key textiles such as cotton and chiffon, we evolve every piece in this collection from occasion wear to contemporary look.

Essential colors are prominent with indigo, deep green and off-white.  They accents with light blue and grey to brighten this summer.